Lighting Solutions for MONOLIT construction material supermarket in Bishkek
Release time:2020-08-12

MONOLIT construction material supermarket in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan (external wall lighting)

LED Outside Lights Project Information

EXC-LED has over 11 years of experience in outdoor lighting. If you are considering custom outdoor landscape lighting, trust EXC-LED, the company that has a reputation for the best LED outdoor lighting designs. Our designers will work with the best possible professional products to meet the client’s design, vision, safety considerations and budget.

Project Overview

Product: EXC-D30B linear light (750m); EXC-W42C wall washer light (94m);  

EXC-5005 master controller (1 pc), EXC-2905 slave controller (6 pcs)
Time of completion: May 2019

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