Nightscape Project of Zhengzhou Olympic Sports Center
Release time:2020-06-22

Zhengzhou Olympic Sports Center

During this quadrennial national pageant, the ancient capital Zhengzhou was full of lights and jubilant people. EXC-LED also devoted itself to providing lighting products for Zhengzhou Olympic Sports Center, Green Center - Qianxi Square and buildings in district centers. It helped to beautify the central plains with light and shadow, going to the golden age together. 

Over 1 million EXC pixel? lights, nearly 100,000 wall washer lights, about 50,000 LED Linear Lights, and almost 5000 flood lights were used in this project. They comprehensively combined Zhengzhou's characteristics, integrated the concept of "symbiosis" between history and modern and between nature and city into "Wishful Zhengzhou", took Qianxi Square as the trigger point, and presented a huge-scale "prosperous time and happiness" symbolizing good luck and harmony through the "big moves" of the light and shadow devices.

Landscape Lighting Solutions Project Information

Zhengzhou Olympic Sports Center (Stadium, Gymnasium and Natatorium) is located in the west section of Changxihu Cluster and Zhengzhou Public Cultural Service Zone. It has the largest total scale of sports venues in the province and is the host venue of the 11th National Minorities Traditional Sports Meeting.

The Olympic Sports Center is called the Zhengzhou version of the "Bird's Nest". In fact, the two design concepts are completely different. The Zhengzhou Olympic Sports Center project adopts the planning concept of "Heaven and Earth, Water from Yellow River ". 

The stadium, gymnasium and natatorium are like three stone islands in the Yellow River, while the surrounding environment hovers like Yellow River water. Looking from the appearance, Bird's Nest in Beijing is a hollow design of steel structure, while Zhengzhou Olympic Sports Center is enclosed. In addition to the outdoor design, the outer roof is enclosed with metal roof and sunlight board, and the metal roof is also provided with PV power generation boards, energy-saving and environment-friendly. The Olympic Sports Center has a total area of 584,000 ㎡ and 60,000 seats. In the future, it will be a public sports and entertainment park integrating fitness, performance, convention & exhibition, tourism, entertainment and shopping.

outdoor landscape lighting

outdoor landscape lighting

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