Nanchang “One River, Two Banks” Light Show Project
Release time:2020-07-08

Nanchang “One River, Two Banks” Light Show Project

Project Information

In this project, all 293 buildings along the two banks of the river put on LED Pixel Lights and light up simultaneously, forming a gorgeous lighting belt of 8 km, a Guinness world record of “the most buildings in a permanent light and sound show” in 2015. The project has run for over 6 years and has been highly recognized by all sectors of the industry.

For the new district, special scenarios such as "Green West Mountain" and "Sunset & Lonely Duck" as well as the vivid "High Mountains and Flowing Water" have been designed. For the old city on the east bank, the led outdoor landscape lighting has featured Tengwang Pavilion, one of the symbols indicating Nanchang as a famous historical and cultural city. The project has highlighted the core business circle with Tengwang Pavilion and the "Twin Towers" in the Honggutan Green Belt as the center; the lights on the Pavillion and those on the Towers cooperate with each other and create a unique night scene of "One River, Two Banks; Pavilion and Towers Shining Together", a harmonious marriage between history and modern times.

LED Landscape Lights Project overview

Project location: Jiangxi Nanchang
Time of completion: January 2014
Designer: Beijing THDLI Inc.
Cooperators in construction: Beijing Xinshikong Technology Co., Ltd., and Jiangsu Cheng Xu Electrics Group Co., Ltd.

Lamp provider: Shenzhen EXC-LED Technology Co., Ltd.

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