Nightscape lighting project in Xi’an High-tech Zone
Release time:2020-09-11

Nightscape LED lighting project in Xi’an High-tech Zone

Project Information

As one of the six world-class science and technology parks under international key construction, Xi’an High-tech Zone has the highest concentration of talents and largest economic volume in the central and western regions; it is the most dynamic science and technology new town in the central and western regions, the first batch of national high-tech zones approved by the State Council and the science and technology new town on the Silk Road. In order to improve the development quality of the high-tech zone, fully display the vigorous environment for innovation and entrepreneurship development and let general public and enterprises feel the development vitality and beautiful nightscape with brilliant lights in the high-tech zone, the high-tech zone has fully implemented the Xi’an high-tech zone nightscape lighting promotion project since 2016 and carried out lighting renovation on some high-rise buildings along the streets.

Landscape Lighting Design Project Overview

Time of completion: March 2018

Used product: EXC-P22 Pixel light 700,000 pcs, EXC-P33S Pixel light 120,000 pcs, EXC-B270 Flood light 2,000 set.

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