Overall Lighting of Guanshanhu District, Guiyang
Release time:2020-09-14

Overall Lighting of Guanshanhu District, Guiyang

Project Information

The lighting upgrading project in Guanshanhu District, Guiyang covers the core areas of Guizhou Financial City, the Convention and Exhibition Center, the Southwestern Commerce City, and the Century City, as well as three vertical roads (Yuntan Road, Jinyang Avenue, and Changling Road) and six horizontal roads (Guanshan Road, Lincheng Road, Beijing Road W, Xingzhu Road, Tiyu Road, and Jinzhu Road). This project is designed to optimize the night lighting effect of these areas. In this project, over 107,000 EXC-P43AP pixel lights (RGB + W DC15V 1.8W, UCS512C control) were installed in profiles. After completion, this project has not only further improved the appearance of Guanshanhu District, but also made Guanshanhu District a good place for citizens to play and visit at night and highlighted Guanshanhu’s fashion style as a modern and lakeside flower city through the integration of lights, mountains, the lake, and water.

Commercial Outdoor Lighting Project Overview

Time of completion: October 2017
Product: EXC-P43AP pixel light (over 107000 pcs, RGB+W DC15V 1.8W, UCS512C control)

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