LED Outdoor Landscape Lighting Bangjie Plaza in Yiwu
Release time:2020-09-16

LED Landscape Lighting Design Bangjie Plaza in Yiwu

Project Information 

Suxi Town located in the northeast of Yiwu City, the world’s capital of small commodities, is where Yiwu Industrial Park stands and is also a central town and sub-center of Yiwu. The building of “Suxi Sleepless Town” benefits from the Light Source Technology Town under construction here. The nightscape renovation for Bangjie Plaza located in Suxi Town is part of this project. Nearly 200,000 EXC-P35AP6 and EXC-P22AP pixel? LED lights provided by EXC give out colors with alternating warm and cold hues, forming a beautiful summer night landscape in central Zhejiang, More importantly, this nightscape renovation project has enhanced the town’s attractiveness, activated its vitality, and driven the industrial development of the night economy.

Project Overview

Time of completion: August 2019
Product: nearly 200,000 EXC-P35AP6 and EXC-P22AP pixel lights

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