Renovation and lighting of Changchun old downtown
Release time:2020-11-30

Renovation and lighting of Changchun old downtown

Project Information

In order to speed up the building of a modern city with more characteristics, charm, radiation and driving force, in 2016, Changchun focused on building 39 demonstration streets such as Shanghai Road, Dama Road, Shengli Avenue and Dongxin Road; 221 standardized streets such as Gongnong Avenue and Hankou Avenue; 10 business circles such as Changjiang Road, Chongqing Road and Yongchun Road; 3 historical blocks such as east of Beijing Avenue, West Plot and etc., 155 old communities such as Minfeng Community and Quan’an Community etc... Through the design and construction of outdoor lighting facilities and colors, the lighting projects for street, green spaces, buildings, parks and squares show Changchun’s humanistic features, add vitality to the city and further enhance the happiness of Changchun people.

Landscape Lighting Design Project Overview

Time of completion: December 2016

Product: EXC-P42YS pixel light (400,000 pcs), EXC-P80AS/EXC-P85AS pixel light (20,000 pcs); EXC-U22NC linear light (70,000m), EXC-U28NC linear light (30,000m), EXC-U20NA linear light (20,000m), EXC-W64/EXC-W42 wall washer light (5000m)

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