Overall Outdoor lighting in Kunming downtown
Release time:2020-12-03

Overall Outdoor lighting in Kunming downtown

Project Information

Since early July 2017, Beijing Road and Panlong River, which are located at the central axis of Kunming downtown, have officially launched a project to upgrade the landscape lighting along the line. The project involves more than 360 buildings along Beijing Road and Panlong River, more than 20 river-crossing bridges and 4 districts including Dongfeng Plaza and Taoyuan Plaza. EXC-LED is the main provider of the project. The high-rise walls of Bunker Building, Tianheng Hotel, Zhiyuan Building and Huayi Plaza, which took the lead in completing the lighting project, are lined up and become light screen to display the images with Yunnan characteristics in dynamic and creative way. As outdoor lighting renovation project in Kunming, the buildings along Beijing Road, Desheng Bridge and Panlong River have lit up the nightscape of Kunming.

Landscape Lighting Project Overview

Time of completion: May 2017

Product: EXC-P40GP/EXC-P52AS/EXC-P55AS pixel light (nearly 1 million); the main products, EXC-P52AS pixel lights, are subject to 4000K RGB+W, 8 pixels per meter, and are installed by using profiles.

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