Lighting improvement in Nanjing downtown
Release time:2020-12-09

Landscape Lighting improvement in Nanjing downtown

Project Information 

Upgrading landscape lighting of buildings on both sides of the city’s main road axes and bringing it into centralized control gradually is an important part of the landscape upgrading project in Nanjing. EXC-LED assists the nightscape upgrading project in Nanjing downtown; the bidding sections of project are divided into Jiangdong Road area and Jianye District area and follow the overall plan of “two rivers, one lake, two rings and multiple nodes” to connect the points into line and connect lines into network. In July 2017, the second batch of projects to upgrade nightscape lighting in Nanjing downtown was completed.

Landscape Outdoor Lighting Project Overview

Time of completion: July 2017Product: EXC-P33S/EXC-P42A/EXC-P85AS pixel light (nearly 90,000 pcs), EXC-U20NA linear light (11,800 pcs), EXC-W42B/EXC-W30R/EXC-W64 wall washer light (more than 10,000 pcs), EXC-B270A flood light (more than 2,000 pcs), EXC-F1000A panel light (100 pcs)

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