Outdoor Lighting Design of Fulaishan Park, Yantai
Release time:2020-05-09

Outdoor Lighting Design of Fulaishan Park, Yantai

Project Information 

Located at the eastern of Zhifu District of Yantai, Fulaishan Park is mainly composed of libraries, archives center, youth activity centers, cultural centers, and large and small steel structures of “Fountains of Sea” with a total floor area of more than 50,000㎡. The Fulai Tower, as the highlight and focal point in the park, with the unique shape on the top of the mountain echoes the magnificent large and small “Fountain of Sea” at the foot of the mountain. With the romantic image of “Harmony of Sea” as its design theme, the whole park adopts the concept of “seaside culture” for its meaning, such as the Fountain of Sea, Shell of Sea, Harp of Sea, Star of Sea and Flying of Sea... The design of led pixel lights of Fountain of Sea expresses various lighting effects including the vivid seawater, vast starry sky, and colorful underwater world through professional dynamic control systems, telling the story of the Fountain of Sea. The simple and soft seaside tone, graceful arc-shaped lines, and fashionable and gorgeous buildings perfectly integrate the architectural and lighting design methods; flashing lights are adorned in the theme square of the green sea, which makes the unique charm of coastal city vivid and natural.

LED Landscape Lights Project Overview 

Time of completion: May 2013
Product: EXC-P33S pixel light (60,000 pcs)

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