Light Project of Songpu Bridge, Harbin
Release time:2020-05-09

Light Project of Songpu Bridge, Harbin

Outdoor Light Fixtures Project Information 

This bridge runs northward from Nanxin Street on the south bank of Songhua River and reaches Yongsheng Road on the north bank of Songhua River. It is adjacent to Heilongjiang University of Science and Technology. The route is 4.027km long and consists of three parts: the south approach bridge, main bridge crossing the river, and the north approach bridge. The main bridge is a diamond-shaped single-tower double-cable-plane cable-stayed bridge with a semi-floating structure. The main tower is 160m high and the main bridge is 476m long (including 268m main span and 208m side span; in terms of the span, the bridge ranks eighth among China’s long-span single-tower cable-stayed bridges). The steel-concrete composite beam structure is adopted. The approach bridge is 3,450m long, the main bridge is 39.5m wide, eight lanes in both directions; with the design vehicle speed of 80km/h, the bridge can allow 9,800 vehicles at peak hours; 2m-wide sidewalks are respectively set on both sides of the river-crossing bridge.

Project Overview 

Time of completion: October 2019
Product: EXC-P46 pixel light

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