Outdoor LED Lighting Solutions for Crowne Plaza Xi'an
Release time:2020-08-20

LED Landscape Lights project of Crowne Plaza Xi'an

Project Information 

As night falls and outdoor led lights begin to shine, Crowne Plaza Xi’an, a 228m-high, 52-story skyscraper with pixel lights exclusively supplied by EXC-LED, becomes the new landmark and bright spot for Xi’an’s nightscape lighting with the theme of "Dancing Chang’an”. The novel and unique lighting design and pleasing creative animation become the most beautiful scenery line in the nightscape of the ancient city, Xi’an, and further highlight the city’s new image of “Ancient Charm and Splendid Times”. The light show is divided into three parts: “Dancing Chang’an”, "Ancient Rhyme in Chang’an" and “Crowne Welcomes You”. Director Xi Fangyue, who directed the light show of Shanghai Financial Center, designed and arranged the show in person and tailored it for the building.

Landscape Lighting Design Project Overview 

Time of completion: September 2018
Product: EXC-P40BP pixel light (400,000 pcs) and EXC-W42B full-color wall washer light (800 pcs)

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