Nightscape Lighting in Gansu Electric Power Building
Release time:2020-05-09

Nightscape Lighting in Gansu Electric Power Building

Best outdoor lighting Project Information 

Gansu Electric Power Building is located at Yanchangbao, Chengguan District, Lanzhou, west of Yantan Bridge and north of North Binhe Road. Covering an area of 40 mu, with a floor area of about 89,48㎡ and a total height of 188.7m, it is the highest building in Gansu and landmark building on Lanzhou-Yellow River Custom Tourist Route. The facade of building uses 5200 EXC-LED’s EXC-P85AS pixel lights and the roof uses a circular lattice LED screen, which adopts 48000 EXC-LED’s EXC-P52S pixel lights. After the lights have been turned on, the building not only has rich nightscape lighting effect, but also can increase advertising revenue, thus fully applying lighting to commerce. The project was completed in September 2011.

Project Overview 

Time of completion: September 2011
Product: XC-P85AS/EXC-P52S pixel light

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