Lighting project for Zunyi Olympic Sports Center, Guizhou
Release time:2020-05-09

Lighting project for Zunyi Olympic Sports Center, Guizhou

Project Information 

As the venue of the 10th Guizhou Games in 2018, Zunyi Olympic Sports Center has a total land area of 410,000㎡, a floor area of 144,000㎡, and an investment of RMB 1.64 billion. It consists of four large single buildings including stadium, gymnasium, swimming pool, and training hall. EXC-LED assists Zunyi Olympic Sports Center in the Landscape Lighting Project and the bidding section includes the gymnasium, swimming pool, training hall, and stadium.

Outdoor light fixtures Project Overview 

Time of completion: October 2017
Product: EXC-W80 wall washer light (3,000 pcs), EXC-W24 wall washer light (4,000 pcs), EXC-U22NC linear light (3,000 pcs), EXC-P130X pixel light (2,500 pcs)

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