Exterior wall lighting design for Gansu Gymnasium
Release time:2020-09-18

Outdoor Wall Lighting Installation of Gansu Gymnasium

Landscape Lighting Project Information 

Gansu Gymnasium, located at Vocational Education Park in Lanzhou New District, has a total floor area of 51796.06㎡ and investment of about RMB 750 million. It has a competition hall and a training hall, in which the competition hall has floor area of 42984 ㎡ and 4 floors with about 10050 seats. The training hall has a floor area of 8813㎡ and 3 floors, mainly for office and training. Gansu Provincial Gymnasium, the largest and most technical indoor stadium in Gansu Province, which was provided with EXC-P33S, EXC-W24, EXC-W64B and other lighting products by EXC-LED, becomes new landmark shinning at night in Gansu Province!

Project Overview 

Time of completion: October 2018

Product: EXC-P33S pixel light, EXC-W24, EXC-W64B wall washer light

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