Outdoor Landscape Lighting Design of Lianyungang Grand Theatre
Release time:2020-09-24

Outdoor Lighting Installation for Lianyungang Grand Theatre

Project Information 

With about 100,000㎡ floor area and total investment of about RMB 1 billion, the Cultural Activities Center of New World Culture City in Xinhai New District, Lianyungang is also the Haizhou people’s long-awaited nightscape lighting project of “Jiangsu Lianyungang Grand Theater”. The project was created with the help of EXC-LED’s products and completed in November 2018. With the first performance started on January 3, 2019, it becomes new nightscape landmark in Lianyungang. The project used more than 300,000 EXC-LED’s EXC-P33 RGB pixel lights in total to present the culture of Journey to the West, marine culture and magnolia culture in the form of animation, which not only beautifies the night sky of city, but also achieves the effects of publicizing Lianyungang and embodying Lianyungang culture. The lights show the characteristics and charming scene of the port city and promote the development of modern service industries such as night tourism, leisure and entertainment.

Landscape Lighting Design Project Overview 

Time of completion: November 2018

Product: EXC-P33 RGB pixel light (more than 300,000)

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