Salute the BRICS, Shine on Xiamen
Release time:2020-05-09

Themed Lighting of the BRICS Summit in Xiamen

Project Information 

On September 3-5, 2017, the 9th BRICS Summit was successfully held in Xiamen. To embrace the 9th BRICS Summit, Xiamen City launched the "Golden Silk Road, Colorful Xiamen" BRICS Summit themed lighting project, including the Guanyin Mountain in an international style with good appearance, the brilliantly illuminated Lujiang Road, the crowded Zhongshan Road, Jimei School Village in Jiageng style, the majestic Dongdu Port, the dazzling Haicang Bay, and the gorgeous Xiang’an coastline ... After completion of construction, the project became a new name card of Xiamen City. When the night falls, the sea breeze blows slightly; overlooking the whole Xiamen at this time, there is a blaze of grazing light, like a bright pearl inlaid in the southeast of the motherland.

Project Overview 

Project location: Xiamen, Fujian
Time of completion: August 2017
wholesale outdoor lighting suppliers : Shenzhen EXC-LED Technology Co., Ltd.

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