Nightscape Lighting in Tianjin Mao Ye Building
Release time:2020-05-09

Nightscape Lighting in the landmark commercial building in Hebei District

Project Information 

Tianjin Mao Ye Building is adjacent to Century Clock Square in Hebei District in the east, Haihe East Road in the south and Jiefang Bridge in the southeast. As the key project of building an economy in Hebei district, it is supported by the district party committee and government with relevant policies and planned to gradually guide large finance and coal enterprises to settle in, so as to form a gathering place for key enterprises in finance and energy industries in Hebei District. As the landmark commercial building in Hebei District, 51-story Mao Ye Building is like a magnificent and bright picture scroll with the assistance of EXC-LED products.

Outdoor light fixtures Project Overview 

Time of completion: August 2017
Product: EXC-P52GP pixel light (nearly 120,000 pcs)

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