Landscape Lighting Design of Qianxi Square in Zhengzhou
Release time:2020-07-15

Landscape Lighting Design of Qianxi Square in Zhengzhou

Outdoor Lighting Installation Project Information

EXC-LED also devoted itself to providing outdoor led lighting products for Green Center - Qianxi Square and buildings in district centers. It helped to beautify the central plains with light and shadow, going to the golden age together. Over 1 million EXC pixel lights, nearly 100,000 wall washer lights, about 50,000 linear lights, and almost 5000 flood lights were used in this project. 

Qianxi Square has become a must-see scenic spot in Zhengzhou, which not only reflects the city culture and enriches the citizens' nightlife, but also extends the tourists' stay time in Zhengzhou and increases the night tourism economy. This is not only the improvement of lighting in Zhengzhou, but also the accumulation of culture, telling good stories of light and shadow, which makes the temperature of the city more popular. 

Project Overview

Project location: Zhengzhou, Henan Province

Time of completion: September 2019

Product: EXC LED Pixel LightsLED Wall Washer LightsLED Linear Lights, LED Food Lights

Project integrated control system and products major supplier: Shenzhen EXC-LED Technology Co., Ltd

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