Commercial LED Outdoor Lighting Chongqing World Financial Centre
Release time:2020-08-24

LED Landscape Lighting Project Design of Chongqing World Financial Centre

Project Information

Chongqing World Financial Centre, located at the center of Jiefangbei Central Business District in Chongqing, China, is the tallest building in Chongqing and western region. The total floor area of the project is about 204,700㎡ and the building's height is 339m; it covers three major commercial activities including global shopping center, British royal personal customized hotel and international super-grade an office building. As Chongqing’s new landmark, it becomes a world-class skyscraper and a true “Chongqing blueprint for national landmarks” with the help of EXC-LED. Setting off by the outdoor led lights, Chongqing World Financial Centre gives off dazzling, gentle and gorgeous radiance. This is Chongqing’s “legendary luminous pearl”!

Outdoor LED Lights Project Overview

Time of completion: June 2016
Product: EXC-P30F pixel light (20,000 pcs)

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