Outdoor Landscape Lighting for Xi’an Greenland Center
Release time:2020-09-27

Nightscape Lighting Solutions of Xi’an Greenland Center

Outdoor LED Lighting Project Information

The Xi’an Greenland Center is a 270m twin tower and the highest office building in Xi’an with floor area of 170,000㎡, 3 floors underground and 57 floors above the ground, in which the 3rd floor to 2nd floor underground are parking spaces, the 1st underground to 4th floor above the ground are high-end shopping centers including luxury brand flagship stores, high-grade department stores and large supermarkets, the 5th to 57th floors above the ground are office buildings and the 31st floor is air lobby. The office buildings are equipped with 24 high-speed lifts, a large number of exclusive parking spaces and share nearly 30,000 parking spaces in the Greenland Central Square.

Project Overview

Time of completion: October 2016

Product: EXC-P52S pixel light (40,000 pcs), customized EXC-U28B linear light (20,000m), high-power full-color wall washer light (1,000m)

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