Nightscape lighting design of Shenzhen Ping An Finance Center
Release time:2020-05-09

Nightscape lighting design of the Ping An building

Project Information 

Shenzhen’s new highest building, 118 floors and 600 meter high, Ping An Financial Center, is located at Futian District. The nightscape lighting design of the building makes it a dazzling landmark in Shenzhen’s skyline. By using the halo lighting effect, the whole building is enriched with lights to achieve the nightscape of “seeing the light but not seeing the lamps”; the down and up LED lights converging together highlights the simplicity and sprightliness of building and emphasizes the height of the building. Display the light level of the facade of Ping An Financial Center and reduce light pollution to the surrounding environment by taking into account the different visual effects from far and near, enriching the façade and refining the different sides of the building. The projection direction of lights and vertical curtain wall glass is hidden as far as possible to ensure sufficient light brightness; Best landscape lighting brands EXC use overlapping lights to improve overall lighting environment quality and enable people to work efficiently in a comfortable, warm and quality light environment.

Best low voltage landscape lighting Project Overview 

Time of completion: June 2018
Product: EXC-P28T pixel light (200,000 pcs)

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