Nightscape Lighting in National Indoor Stadium
Release time:2020-05-09

Nightscape Lighting in National Indoor Stadium

Outdoor lighting Project Information 

As the ice sports venue for the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic, the overall nightscape renovation project for National Indoor Stadium started before the end of 2018. EXC-LED provides all-round nightscape lighting products for the stadium, uses magic dancing light and shadow to endow the building with modernity and fashion sense, displays the unique and magnificent picture scroll of the building, and forms a gorgeous nightscape. The project breaks through the traditional lighting way of pixel light, pursues the texture of light, uses the structures on both sides of building as support, raises the lights by 600mm and adopts double-sided lighting, in which one side is for shining roof and the other side is for dynamic change of light points to form 3D visual effect, which shows the richness and vitality of culture and sports as well as the diversity of future cities.

Project Overview 

Time of completion: March 2019
Product: EXC-P53AP pixel light, EXC-W30A, EXC-W80C wall washer light, EXC-U20NA linear light, EXC-6000P master controller, EXC-2905-E4P007B slave controller

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