LED Lighting Project of Xinzhou Ancient Town in Shanxi
Release time:2020-05-09

LED Lighting Project of Xinzhou Ancient Town in Shanxi

Project Information 

Xinzhou Ancient Town, also known as Xiurong Ancient Town, is located in Xinzhou City, Shanxi Province. Built-in the late East Han dynasty, expanded in the Tang and Song dynasties, the ancient town completely took shape in the late Qing dynasty, with a history of over 1800 years. In the ancient town, many ancient temples and buildings remain, like Xiurong Academy, Yishan Temple, Guandi Temple, God of Wealth Temple, Taishan Temple, and other valuable historical and cultural heritages of Xinzhou. To protect and inherit the precious historical and cultural resources, enhance the city’s cultural taste, and promote tourism development, Xinzhou has launched the led outdoor landscape lighting project to protect and reconstruct the ancient town. When the sun sets at dusk, the ancient town looks so fascinating. In the shades of night lights, the beautiful ancient stage in Xiurong Academy and the charming and imposing ancient walls offer the tourists a different perspective and view to enjoy the beauty of Xinzhou ancient town.

Outdoor led lights Project Overview 

Time of completion: November 2019
Product: EXC-B65 flood light, EXC-W35 wall washer light

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