Outdoor Lighting Design of Chibi Ancient City, Hubei
Release time:2020-06-29

Outdoor Lighting Design of Chibi Ancient City, Hubei

Project Information

The project is located at the northwest of Chibi, Hubei Province. Owing to the outdoor led lighting, the ancient city wall is magnificent, especially when night falls and the lights are on. The nightscape of the ancient city is very charming. The colorful lights add beauty and magnificence to the ancient city wall and buildings, so that tourists can all better feel the charming and elegant city. In this project, nearly 15,000m EXC-LED wall washer lights are used.

LED landscape lighting‎ Project Overview

Time of completion: January 2019

Product: EXC-W35C/EXC-W42B/EXC-W64 LED Wall Washer Light

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