Landscape Lighting Installation for Longfeng Peony Garden
Release time:2020-09-02

Longfeng Peony Garden in Yangxian County, Hanzhong, Shaanxi

Landscape Lighting Design Project Information

The project is located at Liyuan scenic area in Yangxian County, Shaanxi Province. As part of the beautiful spring scenery of “2017 China’s Most Beautiful Rape Flower Sea & Hanzhong Tourism Culture Festival” in Yangxian County’s main venue, 10,000mu peonies in Yangxian County’s Crested Ibis & Pear Garden are in full bloom; the “peony flower tide” made by 30 million bloomy peonies in 9 colors schemes create the largest peony garden in the country with nightscape lights filling the mountains. The light show of “prosperity brought by dragon and phoenix and bloomy fortune” with the help of EXC-LED is the highlight of this festival.

Project Overview

Time of completion: April 2017

Product: EXC-diamond light-M6S

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