Lighting Solution of Jinkangdao Time Tunnel in Bazhou, Hebeis
Release time:2020-09-08

Landscape Lighting Design of Jinkangdao Time Tunnel in Bazhou, Hebei

Project Information

The Jinkangdao Time Tunnel Upgrade project in Bazhou, Hebei, is located on Jin Kang Road. It runs westward from the junction of Yijin Road and Jin Kang Road to the junction of Xinghua Road and Jinkang Road. At the end of 2018, there was a large-scale overall upgrade for the Time Tunnel, in which EXC-LED provided EXC-P43AP/EXC-P42GP pixel lights, EXC-4000WT controllers and other products for the lighting upgrade. As night falls and the lights are on, there are dozens of semi-circular arch bridges on Jinkang Road; the computer programmed light, following the concept of “light tracking”, forms beautiful pictures which are like wonderful paintings decorating the night in Bazhou.

Outdoor Landscape Lighting Project Overview

Time of completion: December 2018 

Product: EXC-P43AP/EXC-P42GP pixel light, EXC-4000WT controller

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