Landscape Lighting Design for Tianjin Binhai Cultural Center
Release time:2020-10-12

LED Outdoor Landscape Lighting of Tianjin Binhai Cultural Center

Outdoor led lighting Project Information

Tianjin Binhai Cultural Center Library with a floor area of 33,700㎡ is one of the “five public utilities and one gallery”. The strong sense of future created by “Book Mountain” and “Coast Eye” made it become a well-known “Internet famous library” in 2017; the “Eye” in the center of venue is the core of whole “Coast Eye". This spherical building with a diameter of 21m uses 440,000 pixel lights on its surface, which makes the multi-function hall become a sphere dome cinema. Hundreds of thousands of pixel lights, under the EXC-8000 and EXC-2900B light control systems, can help play movies and light shows.

Project Overview

Time of completion: October 2017
Product: EXC-P22EP pixel light (440,000 pcs)

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