LED Outdoor Landscape Lighting Longfeng Square, Taibai Mountain, Shaanxi
Release time:2020-10-19

Landscape Outdoor Lighting Longfeng Square, Taibai Mountain, Shaanxi

Outdoor Lighting Project Information

Located at the artificial lake in front of Longfeng Square in Shaanxi Taibai Mountain International Tourism Resort, the underwater display screen of Longfeng Square Taibai Mountain is divided into two dot-matrix screens with a total area of 1000㎡. The project adopts 100,000 EXC-LED’s EXC-P42YS customized pixel light.The installation adopts buckle installation method to fix the light on 1*1m unit perforated aluminum plate, and then put specially designed lotus-shaped PC lightshade into installation hole on the front surface of perforated aluminum plate to realize the effect of looking like lotus in the daytime and two large-area light screens in the evening, thus displaying lights with hazy aesthetic feeling. This project solves the problem of centralized power supply at long distance and sealed anaerobic hydrolysis of lights.

Project Overview

Time of completion: July 2015

Product: EXC-P42YS customized pixel light (100,000 pcs)

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