LED Outdoor Landscape Lighting Quanzhou Shimao·Maritime Silk Road Museum
Release time:2020-11-16

Landscape Lighting Design of Quanzhou Shimao·Maritime Silk Road Museum

Project Information

Quanzhou Shimao·Forbidden City Maritime Silk Road Pavilion is a strategic collaboration between the Shimao Group and the Palace Museum. The museum is located in Shishi, Quanzhou, Fujian Province, the starting point of the Maritime Silk Road. It covers an area of 11,482 square meters and a building area of 30,447 square meters. The early stage of opening contains six main exhibition halls: The Ming Dynasty imperial kiln porcelain exhibition hall in the Palace Museum, the Qing emperor's wedding celebration exhibition hall, the maritime silk road exhibition hall, the folk collection exhibition hall, the Qingming Shanghe Tu digital exhibition hall and the silk road landscape map digital exhibition hall. There is the Forbidden Academy of the Forbidden City and the multifunctional lecture hall. The architecture highlights the beauty and exquisiteness of the southern Fujian large house and promotes the spiritual highland of Haisi culture. In the context of the “One Belt and One Road” initiative, the Maritime Silk Road Pavilion of the Forbidden City established by Shimao Group further inherits the spirit of the Silk Road and allows traditional civilization to grow unbroken and flourish.

Outdoor LED Lights Project Overview

Time of completion: July 2020 

Product: EXC-U20NA LED Linear Light, EXC-W30 LED Wall Washer Light, EXC-WL LED light etw

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