Light Project for Yunyang Bridge, Chongqing
Release time:2020-05-09

Light Project for Yunyang Bridge, Chongqing

Landscape Lighting Design Project Information 

Located at Yunyang County, Chongqing, Yunyang Bridge is the last Yangtze River bridge built in Chongqing before impoundment in the second phase of the Three Gorges Project. As an important transportation hub whereby Yunyang and Yudong District participates in the national economic cycle, and the bridge starts from new Yunyang County on the north bank of Yangtze River and ends at Panlong Street on the south bank; S205 Provincial Highway passes through the bridge to connect Kaixian-Lichuan Road, an important provincial highway in Chongqing. The bridge is a high-low tower cable-stayed bridge with a total length of 1278.6m. For the project, EXC-P52S RGB full-color pixel lights are provided. Based on lighting aesthetics and combining with the basic elements of the bridge, such as points, lines and faces, such lights form a outdoor led lighting system in which all colors on the bridge add beauty to each other, thus a dreamlike atmosphere is created. Looking at Yunyang Bridge from a distance, people can see soft light on both sides of the bridge, bright red Chinese knots, festive red peony and flowing water; white light passes through the suspension cables of the bridge and reflects off the water surface, bringing a more fascinating and charming city at night.

Project Overview 

Time of completion: January 2016
Product: EXC-P52S RGB full-color pixel light

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