Outdoor Lighting Project of Cocodala Bridge, Xinjiang
Release time:2020-05-11

Outdoor Lighting Project of Cocodala Bridge, Xinjiang

Project Information 

Located at the 4th Division of Xinjiang Construction Corps in Cocodala City, Cocodala Bridge crosses Ili River. The bridge is 2,527m long and 32.5m wide. The main bridge is a 600m prestressed concrete cable-stayed bridge, and a double-column variable cross-section H-shaped tower which is 107.5m high is used. The bridge is built as a two-way four-lane bridge (design speed 80 km/h) according to the first-class highway standard.

Pixel Light Controller Project Overview 

Time of completion: June 2019
Product: EXC-P53AP led pixel light (120,000 pcs): 6+3 RGBW, 2W, DC36V, spacing: 125mm; EXC-W42B wall washer light (3,500 pcs): RGBW, 24W

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