LED Landscape Lighting 18-opening Bridge, Jinling River, Baoji
Release time:2020-08-19

Outdoor Lighting Installation 18-opening Bridge

Project Information

Yinwei Channel, used to irrigate Weibei Plain with water from Weihe River, is the core water conservancy project in Baojixia Irrigation District. The project is an aqueduct that helps Yinwei Channel cross Jinling River, and is called 18-opening Bridge by local people because of its 18 openings. Baoji has invested RMB 210 million for the construction of the ecological comprehensive treatment project for the upper reaches of the urban river section of the bridge and through the lighting project, aims to build a Jinling Gallery similar to the Dongling Gallery on the river.

Lighting Solutions Project Overview

Time of completion: July 2016
Product: EXC-W172 wall washer light (432 pcs), EXC-W80B wall washer light (360 pcs), EXC-B270 flood light (54 pcs)

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