Landscape Lighting Design of Fuyang Bridge, Hangzhou
Release time:2020-08-26

LED Outdoor Landscape Lighting Fuyang Bridge, Hangzhou

Project Information

In this nightscape improvement project, considering the structural characteristics of Fuyang Bridge, EXC-LED adopts diagonal-tie-based media for demonstration. Nearly 100,000 EXC-P53AP lights are provided, which are powered by 36V power supplies that are all placed at the bottom of the cable-stayed bridge, which effectively provides solutions to long-distance power supply and voltage drop and facilitates future replacement and maintenance. In this project, continuous outdoor lighting with color changes is combined with modern lighting technology to form dynamic video images; three modes of light shows depending on use conditions (ordinary days, common holidays and major festivals).

Pixel LED Light for Outdoor Landscape Project Overview

Time of completion: end of 2018

Product: EXC-P53AP pixel light

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