Feng River Jinwan Pedestrian Bridge in Xi Xian New District
Release time:2020-11-04

Landscape Lighting Project Feng River Jinwan Pedestrian Bridge in Xi Xian New District

Architectural lighting Project Information

Located the downstream of Feng River Longhai Railway Line and across the Feng River, the Jinwan Pedestrian bridge in Xi Xian New District is over 130 meters long and over 8 meters wide and shall be commenced in May 2019 and completed and put into use in May 2020. The bridge adopts a continuous steel box girder and an arch combination structure. The design is novel, and the soft arch curve and the straight beam are cleverly combined, presenting a rigid and flexible posture with graceful rhythm, implying "Wild Geese Descending On The Sandbank ". 

The completion of the bridge further gets  the traffic between the two sides of the Feng River energy and gold trade section, and solves the travel problems of the surrounding people, which is another masterpiece of the livelihood project in Xi Xian New Area. At the same time, the bridge, Feng River Bridge and Shanglin Bridge constitute the Feng And Wei rivers and the four Banks' play passages, which connect fengwei landscape area, river embankment Road green road and other tourism and leisure areas on both sides into a chain. Residents from both sides can walk directly to the web celebrity "punching place" such as Feng river on jin wan beach and Feng river 800m stack road, and there will be no detour for the outing.

Outdoor Landscape Lighting Project Overview

Time of completion: May 2020

Product: EXC Pixel Light, EXC wall washer light, EXC flood light

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