Nightscape Lighting Design-Chaoyang Bridge, Nanchang
Release time:2020-05-11

Nightscape Lighting Design of Chaoyang Bridge, Nanchang

Project Information 

Nanchang Chaoyang Bridge, 3.6km long and 33.5m to 40.5m wide, is located between Nanchang Bridge and Shengmi Bridge and connects Chaoyang New Town and Hongjiaozhou. It runs eastward from Fenghe South Avenue, Hongjiaozhou and ends at Fusheng Road, Chaoyang New Town in Xihu District. It is a cross-regional river-crossing bridge that connects Qianhu Avenue, crosses Ganjiang South Avenue, runs along Jiangnan Avenue and connects Jiuzhou Avenue. The stay cable of the bridge is provided with EXC-P80S pixel lights and the deck is provided with EXC-B150 led flood lights outdoor (color temperature 3000K). Owing to the nightscape lighting design of the tower, stay cable and main girder, the bridge vividly reflects the rhythmic visual sequence and becomes the focus of attention on both sides of Ganjiang River. The project was completed in October 2015. The LED lights bring variable colors and enable the bridge to show different nightscape lighting effects in different seasons and important festivals.

Project Overview 

Time of completion: October 2015
Product: EXC-P80S pixel light, EXC-B150 flood light

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