Lighting in Zhangjiajie downtown
Release time:2020-05-11

High-end Ecological Leisure City Nightscape

Project Information 

The 2015-2016 Landscape Lighting Project for Zhangjiajie downtown started the preliminary work in September 2015 and entered the construction phase in May 2016. With 116 sub-projects, including 4 bridges, 7 roads and 105 groups of buildings, the people-oriented project focuses on the creation of nightscape of city through lights, emphasizes both banks of Lishui River and selectively focuses on shaping the water system, mountains and greening in the city, so as to fully apply the style of Hunan Province west in Zhangjiajie and form the nightscape of tourist city with unique charm. The project adopts the domestic advanced lighting system integration technology combining sound, electricity and light. According to the principle of combination with static and dynamic and rely mainly on static, it uses warm white 4000k as main color and warm yellow 3000k as color to build large-scale lighting environment integrating mountains, buildings, bridges and water systems and create the atmosphere of delicate, concise, quiet and high-end ecological leisure city nightscape.

Project Overview 

Time of completion: August 2016
Product: EXC-U25B linear light, EXC-B240B led flood light, EXC-W45 wall washer light

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