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Excellent technical  Navigation equipment

◆ EXC-LED has gathered a group of first-class technical experts at home and abroad, with strong led high-end product R & D and manufacturing capabilities; the world's advanced LED intelligent interactive control and wireless linkage control technology; the advanced new generation DMX control chip, the first all-round point light source in China to use the core, the largest single project can control 5 million points;

◆ the first large-scale application of RGBW technology in the industry;

◆ the industry's first large-scale application of large-span four-color visual consistency technology;
◆ the first large-scale application of two-way fault feedback technology in the industry;
◆ super wireless linkage control, program remote automatic update, fault detection and feedback, fault automatic shielding, interactive entertainment, visual management, automatic real-time fault reminder, automatic report push, multi-color large span visual consistency automatic adjustment, automatic energy consumption management, remote debugging support.

Excellent products  

Point light series
All colors of lamps are adjustable, two-way fault feedback, 65536 gray level, intelligent lamps self-management, fault self shielding and other industry advanced technologies.

Line lamp series
The world's first invisible line light source u80, U100, U300 series.

Wall washing lamp series
Ultimate optical effect, higher luminous efficiency, lower power consumption!

Characteristic lamp series
We independently developed exc-f transparent curtain wall lamp, exc-wl double-sided light-emitting corrugated lamp and so on.

R & D and design
Introduce OSRAM risk assessment design method DFMA and low thermal resistance path heat dissipation design
◆ strict destructive test and verification are key: high and low temperature cyclic impact, long-term water immersion test, boiling + cold water immersion (joint), ultraviolet test, salt spray test

Material selection
◆ lamp beads: select international brands, all of which can withstand more than 10 destructive tests of reflow soldering
◆ IC: reliability high temperature test for new materials of world-class semiconductor companies and top manufacturers in the industry (- 40 ℃ to 80 ℃ 45 days)
◆ PCB: select international and Kingboard
◆ capacitance and resistance: Guoju, Samsung, Fengbin
◆ wire: customized outdoor special rubber wire
◆ joint: select ten-year test standard (copper + gold plating 6 μ) imported TPU structural material
◆ glue: Weifu, German quality
◆ outdoor materials: aerobic hydrolysis test and anaerobic hydrolysis test, UV resistant grade 4, flame retardant v0
◆ outdoor standard parts: reinforced acid, alkali salt spray test 196h

production control
◆ introduce OSRAM's PFMEA production risk assessment to control production risk
◆ from SMT, wire processing, welding, testing, assembly, waterproof treatment, aging, packaging and warehousing, the whole process of risk control assessment
◆ special personnel specialized in production, all personnel trained and certified
◆ stable personnel, professional production, introduction of automatic semi-automatic production

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